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E & P Consulting Services handles all aspects of adjudicated property sales from start to finish for one set price. 

What is adjudicated property? It is property that has been placed in government hands because property taxes haven't been paid. Adjudicated property meets the following criteria:

  • It is real or immovable property. 
  • The property taxes were not paid.
  • The property was not purchased at a subsequent tax sale.

Adjudicated properties will usually not come up for another tax sale and can be sold by the parish to private individuals or companies.*

*If you are interested in acquiring adjudicated property that has not yet reached the 3 year time period after adjudication, contact us to discuss how that property might be offered for tax sale.  This service is available at no cost for those political subdivisions with which we already handle adjudicated sales.

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Constitutionality of "no minimum bid"


La. R.S. 47:2202 specifically allows a political subdivision to sell adjudicated property without setting a minimum bid. However, the Louisiana Constitution prohibits a political subdivision from gratuitously loaning, pledging or donat..

A political subdivision is not required to sell adjudicated property for the redemption cost


Property that has been adjudicated for many years can end up with a redemption bill that far exceeds the worth of the property. Tax debtors must pay the full redemption costs and are prohibited from using the adjudicated property purchase process..

A political subdivision can allow a tax debtor to redeem adjudicated property at any time


We get this question a lot so have decided to answer it here. The tax debtor returns to redeem adjudicated property (or the grandchild of the tax debtor) and the property has been adjudicated for 15 years. Oftentimes the three-year constitutional..

Still awaiting Louisiana Supreme Court decision in Central Properties v. Fairway Gardenhomes, LLC.


The Louisiana Supreme Court heard oral argument in Central Properties v. Fairways, LLC on March 14, 2017. This case addresses post-sale notice to tax notice parties. When property is purchased at tax sale and the tax sale purchaser later moves to..